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Welcome to Gregory Mountain Products!

We have a work-hard, play-hard culture, and our family of employees has made a choice to combine a passion for outdoor life and discovery with a professional career. Thanks to our global headquarters’ convenient location at the base of the Wasatch Mountains, our team has amazing, stones-throw access to local trails and walkability to local restaurants and shops. If you drop into our office on any given day you’ll find plenty of bikes, skis, dirty shoes, beer cans in the recycling bin and nearly as many dogs as there are people. Plus packs, of course—tons of packs!

We build our prototypes right here in our office and can practically walk out the back door to test them. With 270-degree views of the mountains, we can feel the energy of the mountains all around us, which inspires and motivates us to push the boundaries of new product design and keeps us smiling all day long.

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