Pack Care & Cleaning

How to ensure that your packs will last a lifetime.

Get The Most Out Of Your Pack

Gregory packs and luggage are built to last a lifetime. They’re designed to be outside, and the materials we use are meant to provide the highest durability and performance for their intended use. But just like a quality piece of outerwear or footwear, packs need to be cared for and cleaned to maintain durability and performance. On this page, we’ll outline the simplest and most effective ways to keep your pack in top shape for years to come.

Cleaning Your Pack

Rolling Luggage Care

  • Cleaning should be done in the same manner as packs (see above); however, we do not recommend letting the wheels soak in water.
  • Hardcase luggage can be scrubbed with a soft-bristled nylon brush and some mild soap and water to remove surface stains.
  • ActiveShield compartments can be wiped clean using a damp sponge with mild soap, towel dried, and then left open to air dry completely.

3D Hydro Reservoir Care

Our patent-pending, 3D soft-molded Gregory 3D Hydro Reservoirs are game-changers. They’re easy to fill, a cinch to clean, and they dry completely in a fraction of the time compared to traditional flat reservoirs. We recommend cleaning after each use and periodically cleaning with specialized hydration reservoir cleaning tablets (follow tablet instructions). Note that some tablets can change the color of the hose and reservoir. Below are the steps we use for regular cleaning of the 3D Hydro Reservoir.